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PDE BASE :: Architecture

This is the a5 investorbase site



Introducing Abstract5

The web made personal










PDEs are practical and cost-effective
because of Abstract5’s
proprietary architecture.






A5 is a cloud-based server utility.
The first of its kind.

“Abstract5 web utility lets people share and reuse data
across application, enterprise, and community boundaries
in a coding-free environment.”


The Short Version


Easy, fast, and cheap. And FAST.



A completely new architecture reimagines the web.

Abstract5 gives regular people code-free access to the entire server stack.

100s of push-button, code-free functions only coders could do.

Dozens of tricks that have never been done before.


Build a site generator in minutes.

Generate thousand of PDEs in secontds.



Active Content Exchange shared resources and shared content.


More than 90% of this site consists of content from other sites.

(When we say text and videos “arent here” they’re coming from other sites..)



If you’re a real geek and want to know more, click this button.

Geeks only. You’ve been warned.

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