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PDE BASE :: PersonalMeansPersonal


Personal Means Personal

pDEs are personal in 2 ways



Way One: Easy to do.


Even Aunt Jane can do it.

This my Aunt Jane, the inspiration for Abstract5.

At 79, Aunt Jane bugged me to make it easy for her to make a website.


And she didn’t want any stupid-ass Website Tonight website.


Real tools for real persons.

Aunt Jane wanted everything. All the bells and every whistle.

PDEs use push buttons instead of code.

To handle everything even complex server commands.


Easy as Powerpoint no coding, no training.



Way Two: Not Enough Websites


No more generic websites.

In the new web, everything can be personal.


Websites have been defined by 2 things:
and web developers.


Fast, easy, and cheap. And FAST.

PDEs completely change the economics.

SEO Problems?

Don’t try to futz up your site with multiple landing pages.
Instead of turning your website into a jumble of search terms,

PDEs let you search for your customers.



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